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Mophie Qi Charger


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  • Qi-ENABLED CHARGING PAD: The wireless charging pad is made for all Qi-enabled smartphones. There are built-in magnets that perfectly aligns your mophie charge force case for optimal charging but still permits quick grab-and-go capability
  • MULTIPLE Qi DEVICE-COMPATIBLE: The mophie Charge Force Wireless Charging Base is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Note 8, Samsung GS8 and GS8 Plus, and mophie Charge Force juice packs. Note: For best results use a wireless mophie juice pack
  • CHARGES ON CONTACT: Our quick-connecting wireless mobile device charging unit is designed with strategically placed magnets that align the charging base and case to quickly activate the charging process. Together, the included high-current USB cable and wireless phone charging pad deliver up to 1.0A charge speeds to your phone and mophie case upon contact
  • EASY TO CHARGE: Using the mophie Charge Force Wireless Charging Base is easy and lightning-quick. Simply touch your Qi-enabled smartphone or mophie case to the Charge Force Wireless Charging Base. There will be no need to fuss with charging cables again
  • LED INDICATOR: A built-in LED light indicator on the charging base lights up to indicate that the wireless device is charging properly and will remain illuminated until the device is 100% charged. Simply place your mophie case on the Qi charging pad, the magnets guide it into position and charging begins automatically