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Thrustmaster GPX Controller


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The Thrustmaster GPX Controller with Official License for Xbox 360 features an ergonomic design honed for optimum comfort and grip, with a non-slip grip extending over the controller's lower surface. It also features 2 vibration motors running on different frequencies: a low-frequency vibration motor/buzzer on the left and a high-frequency vibration motor on the right, allowing players to receive separate information signals from games - which offers precious real-time in-game assistance. The ultra-precise mini-sticks are clad in genuine rubber, with textured non-slip grip. The GPX's other specifications, such as the Xbox Guide button, the cross-shaped D-Pad and the long-stroke, progressive dual triggers complete this versatile, high-performance controller's features. The Thrust master GPX Controller is the official vibrating Xbox 360 gamepad with a contoured design. It is both Xbox 360 and PC compatible.

About the product

  • Gamepad featuring contoured design . Refined ergonomics for optimal comfort and handling . Non-slip grip on the entire lower surface for enhanced handling and comfort
  • 2 vibration motors for different frequencies . Low-frequency vibration motor on the left, and high-frequency motor on the right: lets you feel distinct feedback effects in games, on either the left or right hand . With official Immersion license
  • Ultra-precise mini-sticks clad in genuine rubber, with textured non-slip grip . Optimized precision (2 times greater than that provided by other gamepads on the market), thanks to 16-bit electronics . 2 non-slip mini-sticks clad in textured rubber
  • Xbox Guide button with LED player indicators (4 player indicators in total) . Button lets you switch between active games and Xbox 360 menus . With 4 LEDs, the player's number (out of 4 players) is clearly indicated
  • 2 progressive triggers . Long range of travel, for extremely precise control . Precision is guaranteed thanks to optimized resistance pressure . Compatible with Xbox 360 and PC (WINDOWS XP, Vista, 7 and 8)